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-.vT\ - 



By Jake Johnson 

■ ■- 

Dedicated to Vieve, the girl I love. 

I had 38 orgasms 

between July 2 nd and 

August 24 th . 

I wrote about every 
one of them. 


(Or pre-cum, if you will) 

As a writer, and an artist of all sorts, I 
am generally against the idea of censorship. 
That being said, I have realized for some time 
now the extent to which I censor myself, as I 
think most of us do. I leave out details, and even 
entire stories that are very central to my life, all 
under thoughts of "What if so-and-so were to 
find this?" I won't even completely open up 
within the confines of my own journal. 

Well, this little project was, in part, an 
attempt to change that I decided to write about 
something that is intimate and personal, and 
write about it in as much detail as I could. It was 
a chance to be blunt, vulgar, and open about 
everything. I wrote without worrying about who 
might read it, or who might be offended, or 
anything like that. Basically, I wanted this to be 
as raw and real as it could be. 

Along those lines, I chose not to edit it. 
I've left it how I originally wrote it, changing 
only the names of the people involved, which 
doesn't change the content anyway. I even left 
in the many spelling mistakes. Oh well. I went 
through a million and one format attempts before 
settling on the one that is easiest to produce, as 
well as the least impressive to look at. Hopefully 
the content will make up for the bland 
presentation of it. Also, means a 
masturbation story, and means a sex story. 
The dates, times, and locations are also noted. 

Thank you. I can be reached at: 




- -i~- 


rnrvaacy- - 





f fP m ; c %: c s. c y g c o p o m 

bed, «$%y fjft^j hhe o* \»y ceck 
oh J frntyihg it a pUth'c boy. X 
put vvy cock i*>t\^F*» tJ« tvk-«» 
piilo^Sj ayt J btjuv* sh'diHj it ft? W j 

tkt ydfavH &f <\ pla$tfc bchaey <*»<{ 

AWe a w/c* /i>y ye* cowJ<j| -fw) airaf 
Scratch w//V ; iut cowk/ a\\%o wUip 
\^lj~h. $& I stayted scrqkhiMa 
vhySel* \Mitir it nj?/7e yhttsiuTrlmhvq. 

I k*jt kwldjHj it upj jvjj-iwj 
voucher as X y»t closet to e^ 

)»hjppt*y WySfJf ¥>ri\fy \omd. 

WM } ph<^ i*wj^ spewed to {Wl 
it. 11- was oho Wl of « 

■ 3 

/- ■ ,•"■ ,;*, ^ ,*«, ,,* ^.^ ,-!», ^ JB 

'. '. %.- «*' i.v" *** ■■ - V v ^.V *i. 



r- ^ 

(Np J-^0) s awnal Iftlh, «ywtm»ff 


/-A & t t, 



j - 


vwy re*/r c?W kj/s k> sitouMh %e 
b%4\$ j%}»kikj qixwt j#1t'ty Aiter & 

Cock. J d^J vj^t ^Jfl>j jb Cutn foio 

tW ^krt ; twt $\^y Qtyoyqei tjtc 

1^4 J •+ ]t. )hl$ ijaJ becohve \my 

wa^ Wit»j tljji dioovwy t*> tits, 
tnt^toPWi. A$ X totfUif*J t-* ytwlc^ 


1 i 


^..- cy,' W t. y ,'«J 

gcsos e. : 

3 <g a S3 r 



<W» f* *» £1*5)* girl, -£*rflk Stfl 

1 »s «i S*Xy W*tk g/H I Wl -tulkodl 

)* Oh yk* vbck* -QayVm %*t «ky. 

^IveeH tWiwfc>»sg of Vfr* 1 * Sun*, 
or «i cmAWMi of tKe t^- 

\ %* >viteK fc«»l. If "Wf iVt if 

bnt v^sVt really. Tt mj 9*** 
*jWwgl$ 4wcl *ffcrvwrrck .£ f»©)c 


Tr.Tr.tiTT-iWTi"r-i r vi'-£.«^ 



IT yttotyht 4ios*t Jf«»w fun if u,avW 
i>f to JU5* ^a /ik-e "I&M u-crif}4» o/d 

AnyiL+y, T £*'*" # u ^ **^ W 
; > J go, Jf^viwj « rice % orjrt*. 

$\) ?-3Z-0l }?:&?*>, toy Uikrve^ 



A/£?u^ fJ^i's ^we'? «^ #f<>#*.»**: 

1 y-«$ W)>»^ cS in He 
Tf4^y L*yd$ pervl. X J^id ou toy 







— ^ —»i .*«, /r>, r* \ 

l+" i>y ju$f V^^Viwj Wry i«y^ 

St*re site «JW +©a 

1 \*** c?W wy \u*y hctylfi, aft** 

Wood ^5«»in. X W) ytoy Cock ***% 
+ \u>y+Ypv& etV9 exfy* J«rfr ©>f Motors 
a^uud ft /4$ I jerked c^W 5^ 





1 ''■' : 


: ■*■ 


*>•*«. /*•* 

-«-K #•*, i»j f*\ <"*> "**> 


wkfcjf d;d ;t's jot f* <w J2)J*>rt fcr 
$ \<^ sW/ p*tW/y **«£ X 

^ *f fl>y )**)?>*, +H*>, wW" 

tack t© s/<?^ 



7-1 -Oj. ytrity VffW^iaaoiw 

. .. 

^ in tite broad. 5W "Wd m« IJT 

[ I fot) kcv +<? kiss »tfi a)/ cv^t 
$hc die} ^ c3tJ?d W<J5 S*** SUckity 

vu^>jtcd *^ ^0, **£ J- IfcW k*r s4fc 


vJ L- 


Wt*7 tfcfli j: U*«4 -fc*>* *fr*J ckvWf j 
"^ W £*>( fm/ Wjfcfco*^ <=»fcj q 

fry VHA "fi^^Wf £«*l»g ttytkikj, qfai «iU 

Covered if to 6>)iV# ©/^ jAjgjo vc*a 
J*od )^> flcfuj JybrkvitkPh. 

£tff tW J id *<>t sty* t«4 *fr<>M £*/*^ 

AMP fw/ **WWu, ViAwMfiy 

^jugs ^fc^} -fair, j?*t *le w<j$ 

Tj»i*5 W* t*»* ^ fi*t* w*fi i«d 
gJoHjc* %is- 1*5 y&siV-e v>€\/4r lei 
SoUhtoto* *Hn$*r ycMt ass, yeu really 



■ • : 
• ■ 


^ a m ^. I- i/ ■ ■ • : : U w $ ' n-rn 
w^siH^ w/Hi vv;-c e* *h>>* <=>f 

W t^ m+ti*h a oi^y t 4nA ~tM % s* 

}&% Hi5 ied o*f luzySj wifci u*'k* 

\ wa$ stt4dey?)y kiijhity *t *s ;* 

; ClASZlC c\te€Sy v»<?w* ftyl*. 

1 v-j"^, ^\cer/ crf<»h- X*t vc-as f»/>, 

*/e s*A €>i stopped -for a wWIq 
I ^ £*f up, soft €$1 atotk stated 
Was oj* ifty G "f 1**^ o«t ins *?r«f/*«4 









X frucf/y ra>w^ +- it **$ ***))* 
toic#. It iW-e Vwy 4£S 3Vf*<*t T 

o"ff j-k« ^q^«t "fcwfl)«, trying to 

X fi**h tolled &0WVI tke UrjytJ&t, cyj 
tWv out fU* yoyey i>wWi "Jl# # 5 

/S &* only +W V)I justify Jilhrthf. 


$& e ' 


f^>^, )o:&>m» x View's A^, 

ytfvd tUt wi^ft bator-e, 4h*A y^lly 
ntilket o$ us. W*t* \n t^« )^«W ft? 
fkt W&Yhi\<$. put X Was h&vlivo 

v-^ r\\hdq Wilfred £&)H£ acStf^ 
>*t euz Jt'cl t* awJ&'U M W-e rowlo( 



r 5 


; ; 

'' ' ^ 

■ ■■] 

.£> )*c»\^ gke x S Tfl^nVj i»iy a# 
<kv>J suckfrj fay cock qf tto sqme 
ft*ve. Xt bkts Q lit % jet into i\ 
<\fUr q ktfU iff £> yW/y Wcf*9 /i or 

oj-jfl^ Ant J awtf* pith ytt Hi J 
S"fa)fr tt> Sort eff $r*ik owf HMrife/J/, 

tUf T 4itotcm, hut faM'A-t- 

iiu. yy(t <\ CcXiddM Oh vu^ 4- 

u^s *t;M ^i^ fe ^^ t^l, Lf 

if $U dfj or u4 W" T eUfc^" 1^>»lr 





\ r Wi 

»*^ /^. ^^s ***N 

j? <& w '•(.'■ 


.- r- 

(^ JKcJ 7 wvjft&h sIul um$ oh k*r 
A*Hed?) $Ue. Wfe ofF t^slfrfy . 

&ff. X C*IJ )} a XL&k <»f *)+ qf tilt 

i*v* fciy way VuiH Juer. X Ir****- 
; vvVI" ^*>ne of ^>u vw/^W ©-* tk'»h'iq: 

P\**y <W€&% <\%j£i ah kit p&yjoci. 
Ohcj* ycM $}irk your dtek Ih fti4*t€ 

f* I J»*J W roll <*h> kmr 

I YttW«jl <pJ/k? oi) oh fry cock Ske 
} VMS f Ut <*? ker ^IWflflK^ «W^ X 

■ " 

I. ■ 






a*A on* of tWi^ |5 )m£h**b*7iwj 
I vuV/J* ? <JkiVjt. Jf % S fw ; *=»^ JpW 

$&»*£. day X*jy q/& ,w * ^ u 5 € 
£*#ly, ^ocJr fit U+wAj <*»J J*4 i>* 
^reefed his c*v *&* «j|>eJ the A« u«5 


: As 3 5*W*W. 1o 3*+ dt&QY ^» « 
JW^Y fbW«)s ^i+tiifj «>Ji my ^(Uh^ ^o 

X gw^i^ ill** ^*«^ Ww/»^^J ^m 
I 5+artoJ JAclri'^ v*ys*/f «^S tqwf rf- 





v ^ 

***■» jr> «f> r**; .™> -.'"•' 

fhfkgf \ifcjt '* CaW* ovj £*»by t 3/w* ff ?* 
vu* w / £*s> Sjvtqtly X QhiUrtJ tffhfo mr 
witJr q $udd*)f ^&KJt } ^ Surfed 
•fbckiV^ W Wcj Ofcd fqst £Jl* 

cou)J $n)} kear ker sct*n*$, a#d X 
**-<*$ lovtvty /h 
5"^ ca»« <*ft*K a\tMi)jt of "(i;*, 

>*K ok JebJ t>W, + W*$ )W^r ttk*a. 


jg*V iw Wv ra^ e>» tyg 


i Hh»j JrivfHj f» suae Vim, ^ 
);#/« trick? IV* UqrHfi^ fJUf wrf/ 

!' ■' ' j 

f "^' 

J**d o» tej^ of A«r y jfl^M«H W 



J7 J-; '-fT?: ** 

&$W 6«)»iifd. X b*y*vi fyirtstity fit 
a*J out of kf 5 «»d fJ«b, «f rW 
t&i\i&s% X fnt m^ rijlrt J^^ 1*e 
I <*&$iJji of' Vitrii s° I Wtii Scirf 
I of 5+^1^ b^r WjJ»f j^ j ^ i"^/ 

wtii 5»Ji»5 t^ <tm»» itotid* hsy t «i»J fi^c 

f ^/J if Vu4< ^fol d^L ^Mt X 
didn't sf«>/^ "fvific^ W«|-. T kept 

I ^w)- if iwtf/dtf i^iflf«j ^> Uot two A<y$ 

Vu^Va iwjjd^ V»«V*. !jt" 5^UkJs 
*l gasd furfc flh?» J \wif JihiHj if, 
I ^^ S^/d Sk« f^W {a<?) Jm| jMk-^S +- 

blo*A iv» kcr as 5 cmck, «n»eA tVf ?f 
>h>* d/s^u^hkj. 1 ^u)W <?ut 4- utftVtl 
V^r. Jv«A<tf^ ^I^b*A c&\/m*A her 

I ^ \^d Iter WrU ower V g*^ «*i ^ 

' ■■%_..■ , t ^_ iii _^^ == «,-_.^^ 1 



v c/*t + *t% 4$ wll a$ toy Cock 

¥t ■ 

vc9iQ)i ! i'0 © m m G & r g£f : \ 


^•F+ak I ^>uf <* ce>»dc»> on, she. 

4$keJI Jt»v- X u-ojft«^ /'f. I krwu^ 

■5 ^ 


*^<k fh *u*i. -T b*vf <>vor k*K 

«>*> Aiif &)l &h toy k*A*f. -$ie 

h*$}*d fit* ft> iuch W UwA*rj So 

£ Jld. fast 4- W k*W W kW* 


X \l4$ j*h -l \uYlry fo fa&M't WJ?i» 
{yS^todf, Jut V-mt*d fs> jiJ" off' fet. 

{nicMy ViA^fhAvbefcedj *fr C&frta info 
tk* W*«i 7«W t'*w: ?wW«$. 

W*5 SWfrfc 5»*i-«- y#*H too, Ewftfcf'y 

I ft$ 





-- "^»m- t-t. 'n»Ja »yh 

Iff U^<-3^'*5 t»it feji ^f)~ I 
^j)*U if off tr a* fc>i*j fl* I<r*vU 

I fcW^ /f V^i 1 fco V*jUrJ$ 4- T jW 
§f )*t i+ <*ll 30. "^w £'s* ^J sif^i 

%4)\ j\je M*+y m/ to my /€ft^M*f, 

lit**, JT j^^f )4;d tU/ie. Vlcvi 

li#»H^ "k^-at p*p0Y l& clean Up Urtik 

I W tfez. west part A)n4°st <*)) of 
Ivmv cum )«iJ )c?wJ«J £>i^ wufi or "Wee 



r^ f*. rT! 

y Lt j 


; - 

flit X u^s** 1 ^ g<>*»* 5^f 0>rf );** 
imf W05 X»»4 «f ev*iUros$e<} fe aaV. 

cum ^h her br**sbj M j^ 

Y»i6 5oV*te l*i^ e on >»$• Cock, 4- 5My 

£# $Ae d*^, ^ )*id down <*h tea. 
SUa u** Scooted Up **» }«*f 
tiM^f+s Wr* WjWf <s»M wy dick. 
S)ic £kit*c\ vvioVikg Wk *■ "WTif 
uJifU I" ke)A b>rm*lfr* lipibst VHy 

• ■ 

"~* ETC r*^ e?!» !7?? W! '" ! '-' ' ?-■' T *" ' 
'<)%J \*i *& %H W V. '-.' w ; , 


■■nJ> '&> 









■F u*$ fWy t» $<*t -rff:.. £aty 

a Wic** J»fctufce otf 1 n>7 c*ijy ah q 
£*<^ 4- left J*J" c*? «y ^OjMi ** 
J ^tte)eaol v»y cock V^'H * T-«tiV*. 

1***$ a Act «tff" arjtts»" f yjf nd^V\\t^ 

ft) 71-o\ 

U^ ( n«7 Apwifttetit 

X jhfaJl off" r»d^*vi«f)M^ o«i c5f 

fr 1y^ Old fet ^ )/#* ^lg-er. Jf 
U-A5 U^iehilM Ik*- ^>HA ^rH -JP o^ 
G+*U yv*y L&rJf f*p*. fy*fty 

$ite l 5 ^y )7 )Vt |ij tJ|U5 MfaM^ Z^- 
i)l*$«J) X tuo$ Uy|>^ OVi t*^ ef 

a /\)V»^ ^ rWi^ Hty cock, in 





. i 

' — -J ***. t^ f*>. 






■C u^5 fY*t-*wAi)ty t& U*v* $m ^ijh 

Am Willies, <a givi fit** **»y r/«ec 

9*4*5 )2 or *©. 4v^\i^y / JMf 

WjttW u*oyked flat*, +- fi \*<*rks 

My phn w** to jef r/c** ^o «K 

*> fow vif^^iwy 4 ^ffc^r fry**!*, *- 

Tkjt potfn, Int v*«$ A^\f tyyierikj fr 
^rt»Vc\*& o? vny tfwrt fftirh^U4 


b u © e cs s; ^ 


>• ■ j 



:- : -- 



^ O GJ 3J r 

r S7 

_£)i* w**r SftrkftB my cock, *f 
"tansiWy on. I V4$ Ij^kiwj «>W 

W4/ g««lt. At &)M pe>l*T ska 

*#v»W j*vk V tfW», *• t^e fi^df toy 
vi*s* w*»t inyW hjp i* tir-t^ s/urf i- 
J I )ov*J it Tt \u>$ J m *3*&*% **foj 

J*» t^ heed c$ tV vh^jw^k)" if >*>*5 




V|/Jf]/-e «iH tV/$ w*i$ g*)>3 ^h, ^"Ac 
»1)* vny fl^5. ^te W4S ^«W»y Tien 
>H*. ^^ k-fi^ Ask/if^ if X v^5" 

<*J Y^W Wr tW* «5 &>&n <\* Skz 




t- o h| 


C l*jft$t as $A* ^uf .W Qrj#; <?*x#j«J 
^ ¥>vf oft S* fotjZeyj &uf if 

X ^oH't k"V?»V^ w*»yv fc»*^ ^f Ke^i/)r 

dovcw ojf kct "Por nwfcie, fit** Vjb 
-ft T 1 ^ s**w +;"m^. -4"ftpr q £// 

•V Vice Vena- iTb^S yi}h£ -fJfa, /+ 
^H5 }■ inn*. ^ Of I 

1 V>;-*ol ft? kn}d ih up Cks £>*$t 

Cum fix* S€XH, 0*# 4firy*u,k))* 
SJtrM i> org****, kti C**kfc/t •& 

WomW c|t tefl*)" "(Ujel ^o©d physically. 

... J is - 

A S&JJ, 4*V i"Vfi^ fl<*r H**5 fttir)/ 
^ej^t*, ^Jnf 1W* fMU dut^f- 

4 fit*- *»MU *4i*<$ W"} irj^i "h> 
Sir*k* wys&K £ jeuBH sfii &* my 
l*fi \*H& % JHsi t+ aJA V Iks. 
effect X SV}\ Jb4 Hfy clcSfiux at 

t IDy reek Was r<*viiy ^ut JAa fly 
of toy fMh#l ^^Afcrs, 

\MJtj *- c* )f$)« £*£**■* «*>-* &tit~ $- 


■^ }WV if v^s ynMig k*/ <v /«£ 
So X f ulj-cd at * p"t <=* )*** 

; }ttft If^v/ty £*y. \Htfc \ier. SI*sl 
\y>i jut* i); taJ J Jtrft t^Jb sU 








■ ; - i -i v i ■ - i J*"i »f*5 f^ *^"' t*^i ^S» , 

■>J .' V-- W *»J* -ii' _' ■;.- 

o\) \uJl did TJIriV htfht: Jusf heiira 

y^u do XtJeeyt y»uV-c /> /eu© 4 hortry. 
X tl*4k k Ske. got oft <*, ^ df 
V*te, £<?*, SJ9-C <x)\uoyt doOS %)$ 
^H*i>9 wk*r* sJt£ y*?oS%r be/fa $ c*? iop 
of Htft. A*'^ J<y ofr +0^ of m* * 

/ni$ h**se)f <»w >n« wrffl si* g#f$ oflf. 

it: fc*F«n« *•* J*»o/ ^v^k A*«s/ s^x 
><=> rJt«* si* s**fd J r©v>W Aqv^ ^«*- 
*\tyw+y X y^+vfred h-eK X 1*435 k tltf 

rfktaetfl j v fc k^r w*v fkfi Sidej + fiayt 
Joer 0*1* w*y, fi^w h»J/i'h5 JL*r ©i**k 

* d 01)93 \uer nhofkay u*\y. 

£S U S3 

I ^ v.,. ; kJ w : .•=„ »-.. ■■.-■ ',9 Htf %a vm Jll~i 

§of V^y ^oekd ^lyfe ^k* i?ack of ^» 


I wi}>) -joiM- >*v»! . ^mAU l tkt 

J »^y tr^cfc iwf» vuy jiW^ f f>r+}*iJ+J 

tiW t)^w >Hy V^5« <l^ SopieoH* fM£S+U 

Ihsiud fh* tylei, \Ajo4»*d v*y hit*}*, 
* JLrf+j $Yj&h)*) wy uvi*«/ oh fk* 



4- ri-fts^t r*aHy *»h tlu. v>fod4 


--'<> jrt r*-' 

vw£ltf +* fay ftuew^ji jaor}f Sffaj 

bokod ujp sow* jpom, y»<9&)y 

c haHt ytuj-t f HwtMrfcqted lM+fc my 
fa&*tS) w\ikU User* -fj<m*«) <W 

I ifeid ibhUmvI *k -*x*u"J fax* jhis 
girl A/kki Hut £ n*«fc| t* Wr ^ 

\S0 9hjt \**\s fash &to vny fafadj &■ 
TkMi tU Subject of yny -^^hasy 
1» ^jtt ofF. AW, X ftev&K J-*d £ey 

few )j*flwl or ^hv^Jtc *£*v& -Pvoy 

P: -i 

— 1 r 1 B"S f*« p-n T" 1 i' ; r i TT P fB >*1 |!7 f ** r-*^ 

O U 9 E y l : I.- U K^ i^^Wi^' £^ 

.$> fJi^i) w* sm**M*I f«i Hi's ^licr 

b*\h Sifyivy uy } *~ ska xi-as 'htiyj 

£ r«wi*^ fyjdafn if* J^i^as fifomF- 

£r u^ gr^^vee) ///c* ti*t ■&>- 
l^wWXtj Ant* lie gjw*'* kqit gtftfy 

Vf^ * -fie l*WJ Sty S&kta1%Ay Jtfa 



''Ypu W-* ^50 a /)**&i * fc*t* «5 
»*ue* 4- stif- J/Jr-4 t*"*£ ui,*A v**s jW^ 

] ]A*i5&<f*eiyy ^Sftfe^. I )lkaei jks. 

j a J/^Lc iff crf'f ^f tfyhf ^a¥\^fd 1***%* 
j* qriv>J diet tl* \tkkt * J M * 
1 V\</^e <?f j^fVW. 

- s 


f ft f r 


A+ *fiv$f my <$&$ l**$ ajaipff- hay 
l*rk ** I U^«i5 fhrtt$tl*j fch> her, l*$ 

jw$r ^tipp-eA hay )-rj +- jpu)}*** has 

kck 1*1* ***- Zf ^6 + & **H 

lul" -fvw, * jJr m* off. 

&P9CC W-*^ y*Sf$t}*lfj. » W" V*^Jt Wtof 

V*Lt, £uf 4*fM 4tMty $*•*» *k. 

/4'T+er' 5^jfe J?*°f ^«r"f >*t£ jwW« Jl*>; 
jk< le***cl (>Qck \ hid d**uh ok 
WU } So \u,r b«ck u*M pte&oJ **g*mi~ 
yyy clusi J^ w*** <*£*»/ k*eciut& /"/■. 

- c-... 

! | 9 S£ w C ^! C C C w : U C G P >^>7 ^ 
I ##+ *it* fWJy K*dj/y /dKAfil "K» 

1 S*rk cochs, \¥t ihexf simplg* A 

:/**£*$, jei*w fJU*^), titfly^l itjia)- 
]^u« £-ex. Pnt wiH Jktr J a/ic*yy 

"f-*)i" Jfjc* W** |f w*a WJ 5^ SJcffVf 

\ if v^s»»^ JWb sJrf J/J if so $ 
; w**W "Ji^w g&claHsH ovi her. -X 

Cock, f 4: JrH^Nfer f W" Wy h'ta 
J l*u)rg ^>tft wfh Her ^p^ ^ef q 

IW^^ \u»^ aJwoys 4 kiy,© "/urn ^>>, 
i ah fkt h*^ Vulfi)^ W»l»9 fr^W^S 

lUe toilet. IfVifry gooJ o)jc»m. 



'm : ■ 

Hue phevic^^ OYyasiH) <)- U**tf q)l 
boxers, UtiV fl»*?* wJf/J-« J<*>Jri^ 
H*vt itfh* fh* dirty laundry. J> 

%V i L C CC C C; G OGG c ^ @ 

y»y I0+JI Jwfc tfc WW, /W, 




V)>V€ ^£& p my pjac-JL f^ toijht 
1 *>«<-< I W<l ra^ £>Hdc)ie$ shyfoj 

*4h vn* Y**>. Put Ji*y Wt fo 

t)ie v^w/w^, ^^ f+ v*-<«S vm§ Jims 

I fvit <?n * cousin, ♦ ^"fW 
/wJ^ -iJf over j*f. Wi ViW * "W 

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